Jasper Sebastian Stürup Nameplate

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BE Magazine. Christoph Tannert. 2013

Jasper Stürup
Drawings / Paintings / Fur Sculptures 

Stürup’s drawings are liberating and also interlinked with labyrinthine subtlety, as sophisticated as they are punk-primitive, radical and simple. Drawings on paper rarely display such delicate, wild, bold, dismal goings-on or indeed appear so bright and carefree. 
There are single lines, linear arcs and concentrations of lines that translate the hand-written into aesthetic energy. There is a melancholy expanse of sound, conjuring images of magical landscapes. And below all this, the paper structure pulsates gently and firmly, asserting a state of the universe in which something white exists, something that no longer needs to be re-drawn but simply emerges as attention is redistributed. 

Recently, Stürup has also begun working on canvas. He paints as if he is keen to fail down the line. We see the carefully, thinly applied paint run. A flow with no interest at all in reproduction manifests the movements of the material. Pure distrust. Only colours – dove-blue, sky-grey, shades of olive and reed that carry the atmosphere for time to run away in melancholia. We experience a “Thin White Duke” moment, which is the opposite of an activist red spark in the face of David Bowie. Stürup is completely absorbed by his ideas, he dissolves in his art, driven by visions he cannot control. Very psychedelic. “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”. 

Parallel to drawings and paintings, the artist has also designed a collection of “fur sculptures”, hand-made furrier’s wares, outlines like pompous melodies, small fur capes for pop-dolls that transport the artist’s cool gesture gilded with metallic-coloured pedestals; the artificial concentrate of something corresponding to the sought-after aura. A smooth overall construction.